Gold Rush

We came from earth
and sank like silt in streams.
Like silk if it were bits.
I swam with you like dreams of flight:
and how I shone
as every bank said yes, and go –
and tumbled me to you until there was no I.
We travelled like that.
Time soothed us solid into mud,
floods kicked us up,
and all the threads can’t stitch us when we rise;
no pan’s wide enough to stop us as we go.
Chase us with your fingertips, or try,
because you can’t catch a storm.
We surge in clouds, in sails blown tight
and race a race from land to sea
and into sand and years and years towards forever
and things and everythings and more,
where every gleaming particle is us
and less than dust:
and in a lifetime, we became it all.