Beside the sea we raced the tide
and kicked up spray like pillowfights
till not an inch of us was dry
and all that stopped us was the night.

Here, take my eyes and I’ll take yours,
gaze into rockpools dark and deep.
Hand in hand we’ll comb the shores
and over fearful crags we’ll leap.

Our castles once were made of sand
with pebbles underneath. Then welded steel
rose up and up, and all by hand
and one by one, each red brick made it real.

And seas will rage beneath black skies
but through the winds stand turrets tall
and windows blink like smiling eyes:
a home that will survive it all.

We’ll talk until our throats are sore,
and as we work we hum in tune;
we’ll sing till we can’t sing no more –
how you made me, and I made you,

and everybody here made us:
all the hands we love and trust.
So it’s not sand, it’s bricks on stone:
this castle we can call our own.