Captivated by the charisma of colour

I left a career in the technology sector to pursue my passion for art. A linguist by education and a writer by profession, my artistic practice continues my fascination with language and meaning.

Through tones, gradient and flow, I examine the transition between boundaries and intimacy; what it means to yield and to resist; to belong and to be excluded. And of course, the uplifting emotional power of colour is a language we all speak – it’s a wonderful conversation starter.


Unpredictable and complex – like a poem made of colour

My technique uses ink, fluid acrylics and alcohol on yupo paper, plastic and aluminium substrates. It’s a bit like chromatography – each pigment is made up of many different colours, which all combine and dry in unique ways.

The final images are scanned at high resolution and enlarged up to ten times their original size to reveal crisp detail, silky textures and fascinating micro-worlds.

Pigment, alcohol, and a little serendipity

When I paint like this, there are no rules. What I love about this process is that you have to make decisions without knowing how it’s going to turn out. There’s a lot of trial and error. But handing over control to the molecules on the page in front of you is liberating, surprising, delightful… it’s pure meditation!

But wait – it’s not just colour! 

“What do the shapes mean?”  “Doesn’t that line look like a crocodile?” I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I started writing short stories to accompany my ink paintings.