Create something every day

Create something every day


Inspired by Stef Lewandowski’s site yesterday I decided to look into the ‘create something every day’ concept further. He talks about it first in this post about Mortigo – that clarity you get from a brush with death – and responding to it with creativity.

After a short stay in hospital as a student, he says he was struck with an energy that made him want to do things with his life:

I loved design, I was obsessed with typography, I’d often talked about starting my own design agency –maybe I’d do that! Gosh, I really enjoyed all those club nights that I went to – I should try running one of them! Oh, and club visuals were brilliant, I should totally become a VJ. And a t-shirt designer. And I’d love to put some music of my own out. Oh, and I loved games – making a game would be fun too. And maybe write a book! And… and…

I get moments like this. But then they’re quickly steamrollered by doubt and limitations: ‘But where will I find the time? Would I be good enough? Aren’t there already people doing this who are better than me? I’ve already got too much on my plate. You know what, I’ll do it some other time…’

But. If I didn’t listen to that voice of resistance, couldn’t I actually achieve some of the things I always wanted to? What about that elephant I talked about earlier – would I always find myself unable to eat it, intimidated by its size – and starve to death staring at it? Stef picked this one rule:

every day, I’m just going to make sure I’ve created something by the time I go to bed

This sounds achievable. It would make me feel satisfied. I’m not sure how I’m going to define ‘creating something’, and whether I need to document it somehow, but I want to try it, starting today.

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