Drowning out the voices in your head

Drowning out the voices in your head

Working from home can be challenging. Working on different projects for different clients at the same time makes it even harder. How about squeezing in a call at 12.30? Sure, as long as I’ve sent off my May invoices and finished translating those terms and conditions by then. I’ll block out four hours in an afternoon for a project then be bombarded with questions, notifications, technical issues… And then there’s a delivery for next door, and the Virgin man comes to reset the internet, and the helicopters from the barracks are circling…

And even when it’s silent, it’s noisy in my head, and there’s always something to pull you in the opposite direction from what you’re doing; voices saying ‘don’t forget’, ‘what if’, ‘did you?’ ‘you really need to’ – the question is just whether you listen to them.

I’ve been working from home for over three years now. I love it, but it takes a lot of discipline to stay on task, and to not let work expand to fill all your free time. It can be a quiet life. I’ve tried having the TV or radio on in the background. I’ve tried my own music but that can be too distracting – I just end up humming along! Noisili and Spotify’s Discover playlists have been amazing at keeping me focused.

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