Just do it: launching a minimum viable product

Just do it: launching a minimum viable product

Like many procrastinators I often fall into the trap of dreaming at the expense of doing. In 2016 I want to change that and DO more.  I’ve realised that it’s ok if it’s not very polished, or if it’s kind of broken. I can stay in the sandbox while I try and make it work better. What’s important is that I’m a step closer to making it happen than if I never started trying. As long as I’m flexible and curious, the what and how can evolve along the way.

My ideas don’t have to be impossible dreams I will never have time for. In fact, by trying them I might find out they were crappy ideas that would never work, instead of spending 30 years pondering them.

Fail fast. Test and learn. Launch a minimum viable product. Iterate. It’s all stuff that the last decade of work, and in particular, agile, has taught me, but it’s only now that I’m seeing how applying it to my own life can make me more fulfilled and empowered.

What MVP really means

This graphic from Dan Olsen makes it really clear. Or to see it another way, you need a slice of the rainbow to trial a concept properly, not just red or green. A good product, promotion, price, brand, business model… all these things, just on a small scale. And by eating my elephants bite by bite, everything suddenly seems more achievable.

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