My cameras? They’re almost a part of me.

I’ve been taking photos since I was 13. Even then, armed with my third-hand Fujica and a bag full of Ilford 400 cannisters, I’d roam empty streets at dawn, travel to London, Brighton, parades, demonstrations, and wander through wintry woodland in search of the first golden rays of sun, long before the dog walkers stirred the leaves.

My darkroom days are behind me now and I’ve wholeheartedly embraced digital, but I will be forever grateful I learned photography the old fashioned way.


A single moment – captured beautifully

Now I mainly use my cameras for videography, portraiture, product shoots and event coverage. In general I use Canon for video and Nikon for stills, and use a light touch in Adobe Photoshop to enhance the images.

After all these years, I still approach photography with the same philosophy I had when I started: A moment, captured in the most beautiful way possible.