Some second hand thoughts on side projects

Some second hand thoughts on side projects

This article on side projects from popped up in the /r/entrepreneur subreddit today. It’s a rallying cry for doers-of-things-on-the-side with some really juicy examples and some honest reminders that, yes, it can be hard graft; dream big but get the work that keeps a roof over your head done first; and it’s OK to quit sometimes.

They can take up more time than first expected, so don’t let them detract from work that pays the bills. Side projects might eventually provide your income, but that’s not going to happen if money worries mean you need to ditch them mid-flow.

– David Airey

When you get an inspired idea, grab it. Run with it. Learn from it. Don’t ever despair if it doesn’t work out and definitely don’t start with the idea of making money. Side projects should be fun first. If you’re not having fun, nobody else will.

– Violeta Nedkova – great choice of wordpress theme 😉

Breaking down a big project into little bits and treating the little bits as side projects of their own (side projects of side projects?) can work wonders.

– Kevan Lee

Start small, set a deadline, nail your scope, tell someone and most of all, ship it. Move past your fears and hit the big shiny launch button.

– Fred Rivett

Also, no quote but Stef Lewandowski’s site responds well to the same problem I have – lots of skills that don’t fit together in an easy-to-grasp package. He sounds totally proud and excited about doing lots of stuff (and he does it all really well), and showcases it all openly, which is how it should be, compared to my apologetic ‘hidden microsite’ take on what I do… I feel like I can learn from this and improve this site.

I also love the idea of ‘make something every day’ – I might steal this!


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